Brave Like Brooke

Meet Brooke.

She's seven. She's beautiful. She's smart. She's funny.

She has leukemia.

Brooke is brave.

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To know Brooke is to love her.

This year when she started 2nd grade, Brooke started complaining of headaches. Her mom, Jenessa, thought she was having a hard time seeing the board at school and scheduled an eye appointment. The eye doctor said her vision was perfect. She then started getting fevers with her headaches.

One day Jenessa noticed some bruising on her back, legs, and arms. She had seen bruises on her legs over the summer, but thought it was just from Brooke being an active kid. She felt like something just wasn't right and decided to take her to the Instacare on Sept. 17, 2017. The doctor at Instacare did a strep test which came back negative. Jenessa asked the doctor about all the bruising and what could be causing it. A complete blood count was ordered. The doctor came in and told Jenessa and her husband, Eddie, that "She wasn't going to lie. She was very concerned about this sweet angel because her numbers are very low." They were going to run the test again and decide if Brooke needed to go to Primary Childrens Hospital.

When the 2nd test was complete, the doctor told Jenessa that a normal platelet count for a child Brooke's age was between 150 and 400. Brooke's count in the first test was 9 and her count in the 2nd test (about an hour later) was 5. Only 5! That is why she was covered in bruises. They sent her to the hospital where they diagnosed her with Pre-B ALL Leukemia. 

Brooke spent a week in the hospital after her diagnosis to begin chemo. The treatment plan will be two and half years. For over 9 months her treatment will be every week. After that time, she will still have treatment every month. Jenessa teaches piano lessons from her home, but has been unable to continue at this time. Brooke is very immuno-compromised, and her family is trying to keep her as healthy as possible. They were told that if she gets a fever, she will have to be admitted to the hospital again.